Gaynor Gaynor
Gaynor has been a Taiji and Qigong Trainer and meditation counsellor for twenty-seven years and a practising acupuncturist since 2015, after gaining a BSc with Honours in Acupuncture with further specialised training in cosmetic acupuncture. She trained in Taiji with teachers such as Linda Griffiths and Grand masters such as Professor Yi Deyin and Chen Xiao Wang, Damo Mitchell, Tew Bunnag with ongoing training with Didier, a Daoist Monk in the Alps of Southern France. Gaynor was an outreach community tutor for Coleg Harlech WEA(N) for four years and many of those initial projects are still active, many now being run by former students of Gaynor’s.
Session 1
Co-presented with Deborah Catterall
16:00 - 17:00 BST
Qigong is a form of energy work that balances and stabilises breath and energy flow throughout the body. Coupled with voice work, it can open doors to freer, more grounded and also more vital singing. This session is recommended for anyone interested in exploring vocal work in a new subtle and clearly guided way.
Need to prepare
All welcome. No prior knowledge needed.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

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