Zoom Recommendations
Preparation for the Retreat

Once inside your classroom ready for the session, you will be sent a Zoom invitation.
Click on the link and join your session.

What is Zoom?
Zoom is a video and audio conferencing platform that allows calls for groups of people.
The free account offered by Zoom is sufficient to participate in this retreat.

You can find out more about Zoom here.

Test audio and video before the retreat here
How can I ensure that Zoom will work for me?

Once you have booked you can access the classroom/s where your session/s will be held.
Just before your appointed time, click on the Zoom link and the tutor will let you in!

Participants for the retreat are given access to online materials that guide you on how to install and connect to meetings with Zoom. We ask that all participants joining the Zoom call do a test meeting with a friend to ensure you are comfortable with the settings.

Please note that due to numbers of people participating, that we cannot offer technical support during your sessions.
How can I be sure that there will be no interruptions or spamming?
We are taking care to ensure that the Zoom calls are configured in a way that ensures a good retreat experience for everyone.
People will not be able to interrupt, and will only be able to speak if called upon. Extra features such as chat and screen share (in some sessions) will be disabled to avoid unnecessary noise and interruptions.
I am hearing an echo or no sound, what’s wrong?
If you are hearing an echo, it is possible you have the retreat open in multiple browser tabs or windows. If you cannot hear any sound, please make sure you don’t have the player or your computer sound muted.
Recommended Devices
We recommend that you use a laptop or tablet, android or iphone and the Chrome web browser if possible.
Zoom app is available for Windows laptops or PCs, Apple computers, android phones and tablets and Apple phones and tablets.
Internet Connection
We recommend that if you have a laptop or PC that can plug in with a wired connection, such as an ethernet cable to your router,
then that is preferable, but don't worry, as wifi will be fine.
Things to sort out before each group session starts.
Please have earphones ready in case of feedback.

Have a music stand placed at a height that enables the tutor to see you.

Try not to cover the screen with your music.

If you wear glasses, then do have them ready!

Remember your pencil and to print out any music etc before the day. (All music will be downloadable from the Kompassera classroom).

Have instruments close at hand.

Backing tracks should be tried and tested on your other device before the day, to make sure they are loud enough and a have a good sound quality.

On the day, try not to stand with the light behind you, as we won't be able see you too well.

Do make sure that you won't be disturbed and have a quiet space to yourself and that other devices are switched off.

Please be at each tutored session 10 minutes before the appointed time so that you can settle your connection and make any last minute changes.